Organizing a move takes a significant amount of time. A relocation plan is made in advance so that the homeowner can efficiently manage every aspect of the move. The gift of time is considered a blessing as it enables one to move. If you have a lot of time available, you may want to select the best time of year for your move and to schedule it far ahead of the season.

Climate Concerns

Given your likely relocation, you must plan for the weather in the local area. Spring and autumn are ideal in mild weather conditions. This winter also has a transitional feel to it. Moving across a milder winter would often add stress to the trip.

 If you are moving to the remote northern regions of Australia, you may want to consider moving in the winter when the monsoons are less severe. Likewise, some times of the year, such as summer, are also very hectic. Annual holidays and other commitments will affect the timely completion of your transition. Analyse your specific needs and what time of year would be best for you.

When you move to a city like Melbourne from June to September, you may find that it is too hot and humid. Not only will you encounter inclement weather during winter, but it will also make you feel dreary.

Furthermore, the younger ones will be more susceptible, and they may need more medical visits than usual. For more information on the weather of the area you are moving to, avoid moving there during inclement weather.

Employment Concerns

Over 90% of the people moving to Australia make their move either in the February – April or July – September time-periods, respectively. Why do they copy these?. Job seekers tend to believe that these two periods are the most suitable for finding a new job.

Throughout January, February, and March, holidays near Christmas are ending; most people are back at work by the end of the month. Many companies which operate on a calendar year basis will fill out job openings at the beginning of the next year. Thus, more jobs are listed at job fairs during this period. So there’s greater opportunity for newcomers to find work during this time.

Besides, July through September signals the start of the next fiscal year in Australia. As a result, new teams are created during this period leading to a spike of job openings. I have found a surge in job postings starting from in that period. It’s due to the number of vacancies they have to fill before the Christmas holidays.

Do not move house all at once, leave little steps at first. You might move from one stage to another as you wait to finally settle permanently in Australia. There is no rule that you must have to make a major decision on a specific date. Make moving a pleasant journey by being flexible and enjoying it.

I hope you enjoyed reading the write up and find the information useful while moving.